Abeers Khadi Hair Energiser Oil for Dandruff & Hair Fall

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Abeers Khadi Ayurvedic Hair Energiser Oil for Dandruff and Hair Fall.

  • ABEERS Hair Energiser provides your hair with
  • Exceptional conditioning and incredible shine.
  • It is an elegant conditioner for dry damaged hair.
  • Is a shine enhancer following styling.
  • Remove dandruff.
  • Reduce premature graying. –

Ingredients: Oil coconut 30%, almonds, castor and seasame 15 %, olives 7.5% and henna leaves 0.5%

*              Indication: An Extreme Hair Re constructor rich in vitamin E and B5

*              Pack size: 1x50 ml

*              Dosage: Apply only 5-15 drops


Direction of use: Shake well before use. Put small amount on your fingertips and apply on entire hair and scalp. Then comb or brush.

We may think we know everything about hair. It seems to be very much alive, sensitive to our moods or the vagaries of the weather. And yet the part of it we see, the fiber, is a material which is biologically dead. It is under the epidermis, in the root, that the vibrant life is going on, where the hair is made as the result of complex and ceaseless chemical and biological reactions.

Imparts moisture into the tip of the strand and prolongs the life of the ends.

An Extreme Hair Re constructor for chemically treated hair Restores the bounce and shine to perms and body waves.




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