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Bakson's B19 (Colic Drops)

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Colic Drops

Colic is a severe paroxysmal pain in the
abdomen due to spasm, obstruction, flatulence
or distention of any of the abdominal organs.
Besides commonly observed colic in babies the
two types seen in adults are Renal and
Intestinal colic.

Composition : Alumina 12x, Bryonia alba 4x,
Colocynthis 4x, Magnesium phos. 4x,
Lycopodium clav. 4x, Merc. subl. corr. 8x,
Plumbum acet. 12x, Sulphur 12x.

Indications : Helps relieve flatulence, intestinal
colic, abdominal spasm and constipation.

Dosage :
Acute cases : Take 10‐15 drops diluted in water,
2 hourly, 6 times a day.
Chronic cases : Take the dose 3 times a day.

Advice :
Complementary Remedies :
To sedate: Compare B10
In Duodenal ulcer and Gastritis : Take
additionally B2.
In Enterocolitis : Alternate with B3.
In Kidney Stone colics : Take additionally or
alternatively with B14 or Bakson Bakunil syrup.
Gallbladder colics : Take alternatively with B32.
In Pancreatitis : See B70.