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Bakson's B27 (Worms Drops)

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Worms Drops

Worm infestation is common in children.
Worms may be of many shapes and sizes, from
microscopic "pinworms" to tape‐worms" that
are several feet long. Most of these worms live
in the intestinal tract. Any of several types of
worms may live in the human body as parasites
(infestation), sometimes causing mild to severe

Composition :Artemisia vul. 6x, Cina 4x, Filix
mas 3x, Graphites 30x, Mercurius subl. corr. 6x.
Indications : Helps in deworming all types of
worms including Ascarides and Threadworms.

Dosage : Take10‐15 drops diluted with water 2‐
3 times a day.

Complementary Remedies :
In gastric complaints: Compare B2.
In intestinal colic: Use additionally B19..
In hepatic complaints: Compare B32.
For best results also use Bakson Worm C