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Bakson's B29 (Intercostal Drops)

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Intercostal Drops

Intercostal neuralgia is the nerve pain that
occurs around the ribs. Numerous nerves run
from the spinal cord and along the spaces
between the ribs to the front of the body. The
pain may make breathing, laughing or sneezing
difficult or uncomfortable. Various conditions
can cause this pinched nerve such as a rupture
in abdominal tissue, a distended abdomen, scar
tissue around the nerve, overused muscles in
the abdomen and other conditions of the
musculoskeletal system, like an irregular
curvature of the vertebrae or having one leg
shorter than the other. The resulting pain is
sharp and spasmodic in the ribcage area.

Composition :Arsenicum album 12x, Colocynthis
12x, Ranunculus bul. 12x.

Indications : For Intercostal Neuralgia.
Dosage : 10‐15 drops should be diluted with
water and taken every 30 minutes to 3 hours
depending upon the acuteness of the pain

Complementary Remedies:
In Osteo‐Arthritis of the thoracic vertebrae as
the cause of Intercostal Neuralgia: Give
additionally B11.
In degernative discs lesions and
Osteochondritis: Compare B11 also give Bakson
Calci Aid tablets additionally
In Sciatica: Compare B69.
In the presence of Herpes Zoster or a previous
history of this complaint give additionally B67 in
alteration every ½‐1‐2 hours.
Trigeminal or Facial neuralgias: Give additionally
Topically use Bakson Hypericum or Rhus tox.