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Bakson's B38

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Reactivating Drops..

An immune system is a system of biological
structures and processes within an organism
that protects against disease by identifying and
killing pathogens. Age, stress, and poor
nutrition can sap the immune system of its
effectiveness. A depressed immune system, by
contrast, will allow invading organisms to
flourish and decrease the vitality of the person.

Composition : Medorrhinum 30x, Psorinum 30x,
Thuja occi. 30x, Vaccinium myr. 30x.

Indications : Helps improve the lowered
reactivity of the body manifested as obstinate
skin affections which do not respond to any
therapy. Helps improve General Dyscrasia

Dosage : Take 10‐15 drops in some water, 3
times daily before meals for atleast 12‐ 16

Advice : Complementary Remedies :
In Eczema use B23. In tendency to recurrence of
complaints administer additionally B38, 10‐15
drops 1‐2 times daily. After marked
improvement has set in reduce dosage to once
a day.
In Psoriasis use B64 or Bakson Homeopathic
Formula D Tablets.