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Bakson's B42 (for Blood Circulation)

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Hematinic Drops

Blood is a specialized bodily fluid that delivers
necessary substances to the body's cells, such
as nutrients and oxygen and transports waste
products away from the same cells. All organs
require blood in order to function properly.
Blood is composed of a liquid portion known as
plasma and several cell components. The cell
components are known as red blood cells, white
blood cells and platelets.

Composition : Carduus mar. 30x, Arsenicum iod.
6x, Ceanothus amer. 6x, Ferrum mur. 6x,
Lycopodium clav.12x, Sulphur 30x.

Indications : For proper production of blood
cells and circulation of blood.

Dosage : Take 10‐15 drops in some water, 3
times a day before meals. In case of severe
Anaemia take 10‐ 15 drops 4‐6 times a day.

Advice :
Complementary Remedies : In Endocrine
disturbances : See B36 or B37.
In general debility : Compare B41.
Compare Bakson Ferrum Plus Syrup for iron
deficiency Anaemia.