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Bakson's B51 (Laryngeal Drops)

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Laryngeal Drops

Laryngitis is an inflammation of the mucous
membrane lining the larynx (voice box), which is
located in the upper part of the respiratory
tract. The most common symptom is
hoarseness that may, within several days,
progress to partial or total loss of voice. Fever,
sore throat and difficulty in swallowing may
occur as well.

Composition :
Arg. nit. 12x, Arnica mon. 30x, Phytolacca 12x,
Cal. carb. hah. 30x

Indications : Helps relieve chronic hoarseness of
singers, actors, teachers and orators; besides
associated symptoms of Laryngitis.

Dosage :
Acute cases : 3 doses of 10‐15 drops each at 15
mins. Interval followed by every 2 hours till
improvement sets in.

Chronic cases : 10‐15 drops in some water 3
times daily before meals for at least 12‐16

Advice : Complementary Remedies :
B49 in case of Asthma.
B53 for Hysterical cases.
B56 in associated Thyroid dysfunction.
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