Bakson's B61 (Blood Purifier Drops)

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Blood Purifier Drops

Blood purification is necessary to make the
blood clean to better transfer oxygen and other
important nutrients to all parts of the body.
When there are too much toxins in the blood
and body, one may start seeing symptoms such
as fatigue, headaches, allergies, skin affections,
breathing problems & low immune system.

Composition : Conium mac. 30x, Hepar sulph.
12x, Juglans reg. 6x, Sarsaparilla 6x,
Scrophularia nod. 6x.

Indications : Helps relieve signs and symptoms
of unhealthy skin like Boils, Abscesses, Pimples,
Eczema & swelling of lymph glands associated
with impurities in blood.

Dosage : 5‐10 drops should be given in water, 2
times daily before meals.

Advice :Complementary Remedies :
In Acne Vulgaris : Compare B25 or Bakson Acne
Aid Tablets.
In Tumors : B34.
To stimulate the immune response particularly
in chronic condition compare B41.
In Anaemia : B42 or Bakson Ferrum Plus Syrup.
In excessive perspiration : B43.
In Eczema : B64.



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