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Bakson's B67 (Shingles Drops)

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Shingles Drops.

Herpes zoster commonly known as shingles and
also known as zona, is a viral disease
characterized by a painful skin rash with blisters
in a limited area on one side of the body, often
in a stripe. Shingles occurs when the virus that
causes chickenpox starts up again in patient's
body. After patient gets better from
chickenpox, the virus "sleeps" (is dormant) in
patient's nerve roots. In some people, it stays
dormant forever. In others, the virus "wakes
up" when disease, stress, or aging weakens the
immune system.

Composition : Croton tig. 6x, Mezereum 12x,
Nat. mur. 6x, Rhus tox. 4x.

Indications : Helps relieve burning pains, itching
vesicles and neuralgia associated with Herpes.
Dosage : Take 10 drops in some water every
half to one hour. Once improvement starts, give
10‐15 drops 3‐4 times daily.

Advice :
Complementary Remedies :
Herpes that localize around the chest or trunk :
Alternate B67 with B29, ½‐1‐2 hourly 10 drops
in some water.
Reduce dosage as improvement sets in. If the
associated lymph glands are enlarged give
additionally B6 10‐15 drops in some water 1‐2
times daily.
For Neuralgia occurring subsequently to Herpes
Zoster : Give additionally B29 and B68.
In acute and chronic Eczema : Compare B23.