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Bakson's B70 (Pancreatic Drops)

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Pancreatic Drops

The pancreas is a gland behind stomach and in
front of spine. It is both an endocrine gland
producing several important hormones,
including insulin, glucagon and somatostatin, as
well as an exocrine gland, secreting pancreatic
juice containing digestive enzymes that pass to
the small intestine. These enzymes help to
further break down the carbohydrates,
proteins, and lipids in the chyme.

Composition : Apis mel. 5x, Colocynthis 6x,
Lycopodium clav. 6x, Iris ver. 3x, Phosphorus 6x.
Indications : For symptoms of bloated
abdomen/increased flatulence, left hypogastric
pain and indigestion associated with Pancreatic

Dosage : Take 10‐15 drops diluted with water,
3‐4 times a day.

Advice :
Complementary Remedies :
Ill‐defined upper abdominal pain and gastric
symptoms : Give additionally B2, 1‐2 times daily
Hepatic and Gallbladder symptoms : B32, 1‐2
times daily.
When pain increases and becomes severe,
acute pancreatitis must be suspected. Under
medical supervision give B6 alternately with