EL D3 (Vitamin D Sachets)

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EL D3 (Vitamin D Sachets) 

EL D3 provides high potency pharmaceutical grade vitamin D3. Each 1gm sachet contains an optimum level of 60,000 IU of vitamin D3.
Vitamin D plays a truly remarkable role in the body and is essential for all round good health. It is not only vital for strong bones, but is now known for its role in the immune system, cardio-vascular health, cell division and normal muscle function.
EL D3's high strength vitamin D3 helps maintain all round good health including, mood, normal functioning of the Immune system, maintenance of normal bones and teeth, Cardio-vascular function.


Vitamin D has several important functions. Perhaps the most vital are regulating the absorption of calcium and phosphorous, and facilitating normal immune system function.

The first step involved in the activation of vitamin D3 is a 25-hydroxylation which is catalysed by the 25-hydroxylase in the liver and then by other enzymes. The mitochondrial sterol 27-hydroxylase catalyses the first reaction in the oxidation of the side chain of sterol intermediates. The active form of vitamin D3 (calcitriol) binds to intracellular receptors that then function as transcription factors to modulate gene expression. Like the receptors for other steroid hormones and thyroid hormones, the vitamin D receptor has hormone-binding and DNA-binding domains. The vitamin D receptor forms a complex with another intracellular receptor, the retinoid-X receptor, and that heterodimer is what binds to DNA. In most cases studied, the effect is to activate transcription, but situations are also known in which vitamin D suppresses transcription. Calcitriol increases the serum calcium concentrations by: increasing GI absorption of phosphorus and calcium, increasing osteoclastic resorption, and increasing distal renal tubular reabsorption of calcium. Calcitriol appears to promote intestinal absorption of calcium through binding to the vitamin D receptor in the mucosal cytoplasm of the intestine. Subsequently, calcium is absorbed through formation of a calcium-binding protein. Vitamin D3 is a steroid hormone that has long been known for its important role in regulating body levels of calcium and phosphorus, in mineralization of bone.



How many sachets does one pack of EL D3 contain?

How to take EL D3 sachets?

How long does it take to experience any benefit?

Some Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA)* levels are above 100%, is this safe?

How many sachets does one pack of EL D3 contain?

It contains 20 sachets per pack. It is recommended to take one or two sachet per week.

How to take EL D3 sachets?

Completely dissolve the contents of a sachet in a glass of water or juice, stir for a few seconds. Follow the prescribed dosage. Do not refrigerate. Protect from direct sunlight. Approved colors used. Do not use open sachets. Use one sachet for one dose only.

How long does it take to experience any benefit?

Results vary amongst individuals. There is no maximum length of time over which EL D3 tablet may be used. A regular intake is recommended.

Some Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA)* levels are above 100%, is this safe? Certain vitamins are very safe at levels tens or even hundreds of times the RDA, whereas for others the safety level is much closer to the RDA. For this reason every vitamin and mineral needs to considered on an individual basis in terms of its upper safe level.

*The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) is the amount of a vitamin or mineral which has been calculated to help prevent basic deficiency states in the general population. However, certain vitamins and minerals at optimal levels, above the RDA, have consistently been shown to have positive benefits in specific areas of health.


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The above supplement being a patent can be safely taken for self limiting condition i.e. did not require medical diagnosis or monitoring and is non toxic. But it cannot be treated as a substitute for actual medical advice.

if you have a serious medical condition, please consult a physician of your choice immediately.



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