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Bakson's Herbal BLEACH CREAM (with Aloevera, Lemon & Cucumber)

Regular price Rs. 110.00

Bleach Cream For Perfect Glow..

An unmatched formulation with goodness of
Aloevera, Lemon & Cucumber, naturally crafted
with toning and hydrating wonders, it whitens
and brightens skin unleashing a radiant &
glowing complexion. It provides gentle and
nourishing care to all skin types & also
eliminates sun tan.

Directions for use : Wash face & pat dry. Mix
Activator with the cream in the ratio of 1:4 with
spatula, for 2 minutes. Using the spatula apply
the mixture on the face & neck, avoiding the
area near the eyes & eyebrows. After 15
minutes wash the face.

Presentation :30 gms + Activator: 8 gms.