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Unique combination of coconut oil with extract of Arnica, Jaborandi, Calendula and China. Gives strength, shine, healthy growth to hair.

Cocconica Hair Oil is a unique combination of Coconut Oil fortified with the extract of Arnica Oil, Jaborandi Oil, Calendula Oil and China Oil.It gives strength, shine and healthy growth to hair.SBL Coconica Hair Oil is indicated for long and shiny hair and is a unique natural formulation of coconut oil fortified with advantages of homeopathy to provide strength to hair follicles for longer, softer and lustrous hair.Provides complete natural hair treatment.


SBL Coconica Hair Oil contains: Coconut Oil, Lip, Arnica Oil Exctract, Calendula Oil Extract, Perfume, Jaborandi Oil Extract, China Oil Extract, Antioxidant Presevative Mixture.

How To Use

Dip your fingers in the oil preferably lukewarm. Make a small partition of your hair with your hand and apply the oil to the scalp Avoid rubbing your hair with your palms as it can break it. Massaging is essential as it helps improves blood circulation in your scalp area. massage hair for 10 to 15 minutes.