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Sbl Silk'N Stay Face Moisturizing Lotion

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herbal lotion For Dry Skin. Improves Complexion.

SBL silk N stay face lotion is an excellent moisturizer and helps keep your facial skin hydrated throughout the day. It also helps in tackling other skin problems as well.

It helps in hydrating the skin. The moisturiser not just makes your skin smooth, it helps make your skin look healthy as well because it works its magic in the deeper layers of the skin and therefore, you have a skin that looks thoroughly nourished and rejuvenated. It helps in managing other skin problems as well. You can get rid of dry skin as well. With your facial skin being hydrated throughout the day, the moisturiser also acts like a shield for preventing your skin from harmful air poolutants. It can be used on all skin types whether oily or dry.

How To Use 

You can apply the moisturiser after washing your face so that there’s no dirt. You can take an adequate amount and rub on your face by rubbing in a circular motion so that it is absorbed deep within the layers of your skin.You can probably use it once throughout the day but if your skin is really dry, you can use it twice i.e. in the morning and before going to bed.