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A marvel for hair..

Bakson HAIR AID GEL is for safe styling of hair
while nourishing them with the goodness of
homoeopathic medicines. It helps remove
dandruff, checks premature greying and falling
of hair besides providing total nourishment for
healthy growth of hair

Composition: Arnica montana Ø , Pilocarpus
jaborandi Ø, Hydrocotyle asiatica (Brahmi) Ø,
Cantharis Ø.

Directions For Use: Take a small dab of hair gel
onto the palm & rub hands to spread it evenly.
Starting from the front of the head, quickly and
evenly apply the gel to hair, working it in deeply
using the fingers. Always apply hair gel to damp
towel‐dried hair.

Precaution: Do not use on broken skin
Presentation: 75 gms.