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Bakson Sunny Herbals PEEL OF MASK (Aloevera, Calendula & Berberis)

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Peel of mask For Moisturizing & Reviving skin

A rejuvenating Peel‐Off Mask that gently peels
away even deep‐seated impurities and dirt. Its
Aloevera content soothes skin while
moisturizing; ensuring a silky‐smooth look.
Calendula and Berberis provide nourishment
and deliver anti‐inflammatory treatments to the
skin making it toned, beautiful, young and
glowing after every use.

Directions for use : 1. Cleanse & dry face
thoroughly. 2. Take adequate amount & apply
all over the face to form a thick even layer mask
avoiding eyes, lips & hairline areas. 3. Allow it to
dry for at least 15‐20 min. Gently peel off the
mask in an upward direction. Wash off if

Presentation :100 gms.