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SBL RHUSTOX for Arithritis etc.

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For Painful Joints and muscles

Rhus toxicodendron:  Rhus affects fibrous tissue markedly-joints, tendons, producing pain and stiffness. Complaints that arise after sprains, over work, getting wet after perspiration. Joint complaints that start in winters. Pain along ulnar nerve. Tearing down thighs. Sciatica; worse, cold, damp weather, at night. Numbness and formication, after overwork and exposure. 

Other Indications of RHUS TOX Gel :

  • Pain in multiple joints
  • Stiffness of joints
  • Septic conditions of skin with eruptions, eczema like conditions.
  • Hot, painful swelling of joints.  

SBL ointments or gels are external applications used for external complaints. 

Oils and Ointments are easily penetrating and absorbed easily and gives good results.

Application of Rhus Tox Gel:

Apply Rhus Tox gel externally twice daily on clean and dried affected area.