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Bakson's SEPT AID

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Local Antiseptic Spray

Antiseptics are agents that slow or stop the
growth of micro‐organisms (germs) on external
surfaces of the body and help reduce the
possibility of infection, sepsis or putrefaction in
minor cuts, scrapes and burns. Bakson's Sept
aid, a local antiseptic wash is a pump‐action
spray that helps remove dirt and grime from
cuts and wounds and promotes healthy
granulation with rapid healing through
antiseptic as well as anti‐inflammatory action of
its natural ingredients especially Calendula and
Echinacea. It is highly effective for healing :
Minor cuts and scrapes
Burns and stings
Superficial eruptions with pus formation &
Shallow ulcers on skin.

Composition: Calendula off. (Ext.) ø, Echinacea
ang. (Ext.) ø, Kreosotum (Ext.) ø

Dosage: Hold the container approximately 2‐3
inches away from the affected area and spray
lightly to irrigate. May be repeated 2‐3 times
daily, if necessary, until the area is healed.

Presentation: 100ml.